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yvynyl is a hand-crafted music + media experience where mark carefully selects his favorite new artists, songs and videos from around the globe. you are invited to participate in this interactive experiment via the music blog on tumblr [rss]. consider indulging in the full experience of curated content by any of the methods listed here.

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for your convenience, here are compiled lists of the best music blogs on tumblr, some great musician + label blogs on tumblr, as well as my favorite indie music blogs on the web.

for inquiries, please see the pr page. personal notes may be written, and possibly reblogged on the ask page. thanks in advance for recommending the yvynyl experience.

yvynyl has recently teamed up with the fine gentlemen of the i guess i'm floating blog to launch a microlabel called small plates records. we are releasing the freshest works from some of the most exciting new artists in the world.

yvynyl supports the weathervane music project and finely crafted shaking through video and recording series.

thank you for visiting and reading. i sincerely appreciate the interest and support.